What questions do candidates expect at the interview?

You need to be aware of everything that is going on in HR’s head: what they like and what they don’t like. Therefore, I periodically do a digest of all the latest articles from major recruiting agencies. To know and understand: what they think, how they evaluate and interpret the answers of candidates, recruiters – it means to have more power than competitors. After all, knowledge is power!

Tip number 1

In no case should you ignore the importance and try to avoid an interview with a recruitment agency. We strive to help our candidate as much as possible through all stages of the selection and receive a job offer from our client. We will tell you in detail about the specifics of the company, give advice on how best to present yourself in an interview. Usually we not only pronounce this useful information, but also duplicate it in a letter. And even if it did not work out with this particular vacancy, this does not mean that you will no longer cooperate with us. We will certainly offer you other options as soon as we have them.


Good advice: it’s certainly worth an interview with a recruitment agency, but if you fail, they will never call you again. Basically, this is no different from interviewing a company. Or they like you and begin to cooperate with you or not. Therefore, of course, you must use an invitation to an interview with a recruitment agency! Only here it is as difficult to get as in the company. All the same laws work here: if your resume meets the requirements of the vacancy, you will be invited, if not, then they will immediately give you a red card.

Tip number 2

If you are not an HR, it is difficult to understand all the “tricks” of an HR interview, to know why this or that question is being asked. Therefore, it is not necessary sometimes to think over a question and say “I don’t know”, be extremely honest and specific. Do not know what to say, tell the truth.


Use this advice and someone else, and not you get this job. Unfortunately, there are no such statistics, how many percent of honest answers do applicants give to the questions: “Why are you looking for a job?” or “Why did you leave your previous job?” And here is another question – the most “important” and especially relevant now on the labor market: “Why did you choose our company?” I quote the data from the Headhunter site on 11/25/2016: “Today there are 360,364 vacancies on the site, 22,742,688 resumes.” In a situation where the applicant has no choice and for months he has been waiting for vacancies and invitations for interviews, he certainly answers the question: “Why do you want to work with us?” he will tell the truth about how he dreamed all his life to work in this particular company … So, to summarize: you don’t know what to say, say something or get away from the answer.

Tip number 3

Most importantly, do not forget to request feedback after the interview, communicate with recruiters, listen to their advice, create a network of useful contacts around you, be active! And then the best offers will not keep you waiting.


This tip is very similar to advertising recruiting services. They don’t like to give feedback. Most companies generally have a ban on correspondence and calls from candidates after interviews. And very often you can hear such words: “We will call you back in case of a positive decision. If we don’t call you before the end of this week, then you haven’t approached us. ” Great feedback! But you still insistently request their feedback!

Tip number 4

A specialist’s resume in open access on job search sites immediately becomes less valuable. The employer understands that the candidate is in an active search, especially if he is already, for some reason, left without a job. Thus, he can agree to a deliberately inappropriate offer or lower his salary expectations. We advise you to have a resume in the public domain and respond only to attractive offers.


The best advice from recruiters. Use it. I described in detail all the pros and cons of such a placement in the article: How to create a resume on employment sites.

Tip number 5

It is not worth neglecting the services of recruitment agencies, especially since they are free for applicants. But at the same time, it is not worth sending a resume to all recruitment agencies. It is advisable to choose for yourself those that really have job vacancies of your specialization. Let them be few, but communication with their representatives will be more effective. Large agencies are good because specialists work within the framework of a certain practice. With this organization of work, the recruiter has invaluable knowledge of his market, as he constantly meets with candidates and clients of his industry.


Recall the proverb Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, which means: don’t count on just one job search option and don’t rely on middlemen. There are at least 5 resources that must be used simultaneously:

  1. Employment sites.
  2. Sites of companies in which you would like to work.
  3. Employment agencies.
  4. Networking.
  5. Professional help

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