Should You Hug Your Job Interviewer?

Should You Hug Your Job Interviewer?

Job Interview

The headline of this post should pretty much tell you that the topic here is what not to do at a job interview. If you have taken to hugging those who are interviewing you then it may take a while to land that job you have been seeking.

We all know there are things that you should not do at a job interview, but we all can get a bit lax after going through a few interviews. So, here we will have a little refresher just to make sure we are covering all of the bases.

Things Not To Do At A Job Interview

1. Never wear everyday relax around the house clothes. The first impression you make is what the interviewer will remember. Of course, you do not have to dress like you are going to a black tie affair but be presentable.

2. Lose the gum! All too many times we will see those who are dressed and looking sharp and then the gum snapping starts. Have you ever witnessed anyone waiting for their job interview while blowing bubbles and snapping their gum? It is not pleasant.

3. Use proper English. Enough said. The job interviewer does not want to hear the shortened version of the English language. Be professional.

4. Watch your body language. Do as you always heard your elders say and sit up straight and maintain eye contact.

5. Do not lie on your resume. Although it may look good to have more in the skills and education department this could come back and hurt you in the future.

6. Do not arrive late. It’s that simple.

7. Do not sit there and just nod your head yes. Be sure to ask good questions so that you show interest in the position.

8. Do not get too personal. The interviewer will not want to hear your life story or how you and your significant other have had an argument. You are there for a job position only. This is where you would not be hugging the interviewer!

9. Do not speak badly about former employers. Not only is this unprofessional but it looks and sounds awful.

10. And last, but not least do not fidget and tap on the desk with your fingers or tap your foot. Not only is this aggravating it can also break the interviewer’s concentration and drive them nuts.

Your big interview is here and you can and will do a great job of landing that job by following these 10 things not to do at a job interview. Put your best foot forward and show that interviewer just how interested you are in that position by doing your research. Good luck!

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